To Tell the Goof

To Tell the Goof is a remote performance by Harold Hejazi in the program of Playdate Remote event. The event as a whole happens online on Saturday  4. 4. 2020 at 5pm – 11pm Finnish time.

To Tell the Goof is a panel game show in Zoom in which a maximum of eight panelists are presented with three contestants, all who claim to possess an unusual goofy identity. Two contestants are staged ‘imposters’ blatantly lying as they act out the goofy identity, while ‘the real goof’ must not deviate from the truth.

The goal for the panelists is to determine who the real goof is!

This will be an intense and high stakes game as the winner will receive a unique personalized prize. 

You can play the game as a panelist.

If you want to play, reserve your place here (cost: one euro).

We can only take a maximum of eight panelists.

The registration is binding so please only register if you’re willing to commit to the duration of the game (1 hour). The performance starts on Sat 4. 4. 2020 at 8pm.

You can also join the performance in Zoom as audience members, but then your video/audio will be muted. Audience members may watch, listen, interact and comment freely (and appropriately) through the text chat.

You can access the Zoom session directly by clicking

The performance is a play test which is tested with a larger audience for the first time in Playdate Remote. The performance is in English.

About the artist
Harold Hejazi is an artist and educator from Vancouver Island, Canada. His current performance work incorporates game design in order to enable a wider audience to connect with and participate in live art.  In his spare time he enjoys watching American television game shows, his all time favorite being To Tell the Truth

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