‘Hi. My name is Rosalita. I am tired of secrets. And bullshit. Welcome to my Google Drive. I publish texts. I will also publish that draft that you never had the guts to send.’

In the performance, the audience gets access to Rosalita’s sacred Google Drive and is invited to follow Rosalita on a live stream, where she shares her secrets. Rosalita is exploring gently the limits of emotional and social distance that Finnish people naturally tend to have. She also encourages you to send in your texts, that will become a part of the remote performance.

The performance starts on Saturday 4. 4. 2020 at 7pm and lasts four hours until 11pm. The performance is in both English and Finnish depending on the participants.

You can find Rosalita here.

When the performance begins, you can find the livestream here.

What was the last thing you left unsaid? Post it here in Rosalita’s Google Drive for Rosalita.

Note! Your text will be anonymous.

Rosalita is a fictional character created by a circus and performance artist Miradonna Sirkka. Sirkka’s artworks are based on honesty, human connection, and awkwardness. Sirkka is also the founder of Recover Laboratory, a multi-art company especially known for their enormous immersive labyrinths.

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