Playdate Remote Open Call

Playdate is an event for immersive and game art.

We are searching for three remote performances to Playdate Remote event on Saturday 4. 4. 2020. The performances will form a remote version of Playdate, which will be realized entirely through remote access – whether mediated by distance via mobile technologies or physical distance.

In the context of this event remote performance means performances, which are realized from a safe distance, but which at the same time enhance the social and intimate dimensions of an experience for the audience.

The performances are physically remote, but socially close. They can be performances that introduce strangers to each other or in other ways combine the distance needed at this exceptional situation to other ways of being close. The performances can include parts which are recorded, but as a whole they should happen in real time – they are live performances.

You can also suggest finalized performances, but we are especially aiming to create conditions for new experiments. The performance can for instance be a play test testing a new concept in interaction with an audience or it can be a performance that was cancelled this spring turned into the form of a remote social performance. What’s important is the social nature of the performance. That’s why we’re in particular searching for immersive, interactive, gamified and experiential performances.

We are excluding performances realized via streaming alone and those only meant to be watched outside the event. But do note that a remote performance can happen either via mobile technologies or in physical reality or mixing the two – remote performance in this instance doesn’t mean only performances mediated by mobile technology. The parts realized in physical reality should take place in Helsinki, Finland.

The call is meant for professional artists. You can suggest works either in Finnish or in English, but at least one of the chosen works should function in Finnish or without words.

What do we offer:

The Center for Everything pays each chosen artist a salary of 400 €.

We can also support the work on a small scale for instance by purchasing web services if the realization requires it.

The call is meant for individual artists because of the scale of resources. You can also apply as a group if you wish.

Form of the proposal:

You can propose your performance to happen at any time during the event on Sat 4. 4. 2020 at 6pm – 11pm at a length of your own choosing.

Let us know in your proposal
– The main idea, including the mechanism of the social dimension
– The technical and other practical needs (time, length, web platform or other technical realization, other relevant practical information)
– What phase the realization is in (is it a finalized work, a play test or something else)
– CV (in case of a group, CVs from everyone in the group)
– In case of a group, the contact details of the person in charge

We aim to have the audience access work both in Finnish and in English when possible. If possible, take this into consideration in relation to how you let the audience know about your work and what language you use when giving verbal instructions. It’s possible to give instructions in only one language, but in that case, mention it in your proposal so we can take that into consideration when planning the event.

The length of the proposal is max. one A4.

The Rules of a Safer Space:

Playdate is committed to the principles of safer space. This means respect for all genders, sexualities, backgrounds, bodies and abilities. Racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic or other oppressive behavior is not allowed.

We wish the proposals will take into account these principles.

The proposal need to adhere to the general rules set up by the officials regarding the situation with the coronavirus.

Send your proposal to by Sat 28.3. 2020 (23.59) the latest.

Please mark in the message heading ‘Proposal for Playdate’ and the name of your performance.

You can also ask more information from that address.

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