¡Lights and shadows in homeNet!

HomeNet is an ongoing project for trustful hospitality and connection between people.

It is an active collaboration platform for social and ecological awareness – and personal responsibility. One world in balance – human and nature.

The gap between generations is becoming smaller so we can learn from each other. What future would you like for you and the generations to come?

Death is part of life. We have to rethink the taboos that are connected to it. Maybe then we will not be so afraid of life?

The world is vulnerable and losing its natural balance. Could we now reflect and rethink together?

I invite you to an experiment to travel in my home, changing perspectives, rethinking what is important.

Let’s make the unknown visible while we drink tea together in one homeNet.

In order to participate you’ll need
Laptop or tablet with an open camera. The performance is realised through Zoom.
Access to your kitchen with some tea.
Some photos or private things that can tell a few stories.

You can invite your friends on this journey if you like.
They should be ready to have tea with us for the last part of the performance.

You can reserve your place here (cost: one euro). The start times begin from 7pm.

The performance lasts about 20 min. and it’s in English.

About the artist
Ola Lewin is an earthling, concept artist, multi media artist and a social activist. She was born in Lithuania and grew up in Israel. She currently lives in Berlin – and elsewhere.

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