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Playdate Remote is a remote event on Sat 4. 4. 2020 at 5pm – 11pm (Finnish time) which brings forth artistically challenging remote performances, enables safer situations to experience performing arts in exceptional circumstances and brings people together in new ways.

In the context of this event remote performance means performances, which are realized from a safe distance, but which at the same time enhance the social and intimate dimensions of an experience for the audience.

The performances are physically remote, but socially close.

They can be performances that introduce strangers to each other or in other ways combine the distance needed at this exceptional situation to other ways of being close.

These kinds of performances take advantage of mobile and web technologies, but they can also happen in the physical world – as long as a safe distance is kept between all those involved in the situation. If the recommendations from the officials and health professionals change, all performances can be transferred online.

The performances can include parts which are recorded, but as a whole they happen in real time – they are live performances. Even though people can’t gather in an indoor space at this moment to experience performances, other elements of performing arts – for example presence – can still be experienced in these exceptional circumstances through remote performances.

The aim of the event is to encourage everyone to create new kinds of performances and new forms of interaction and to remind that even though our whole society is in the eye of the storm, even in these circumstances art opens new vistas towards the future.


The program consists of three remote performances and a discussion about remote performances and their possibilities in the current state of emergency.

The performances are by artists

Ola Lewin (The start times begin from 7pm, then starting every 20 minutes)

Harold Hejazi (The performance starts at 8pm, duration 1 hour)

Miradonna Sirkka (The performance 7pm – 11pm, you can come and go as you please)

Click on the artists for more information on the performances.

In the discussion experts of Finnish remote performances, Maria Oiva and Jyrki Pylväs from Digiteatteri and immersion designer Eero Tiainen share their views with the audience. The discussion is facilitated by the artistic director of The Center for Everything Sami Henrik Haapala.

The discussion is on Saturday 4. 4. 2020 at 5pm in Zoom at

If you attend the discussion on Zoom, you’ll also be able to join in on the discussion.

You can also follow the discussion as a livestream at

Welcome to play.

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