The actual premiere of lim has been postponed because of the worsening situation with the pandemic.
Those who have already purchased a ticket will have a possibility to get a piece of lim already now in December. 

lim is a prologue for a new planet.

it’s a planet in a state of in-between – in a state where we don’t yet know what comes next. lim is not anymore part of the old, collapsed planet, but it’s also too new to have been born for sure.

lim is a world of contradictions, exceptions and of those who are left between the categories, those who decided to stay – and were left – outside when worlds decided upon good and evil, you and me, human and non-human, of who gets defined and recognised.

lim is also a game performance. It mixes game design with live art and invites games into a frame of critical art. it’s also one of the few immersive performances globally at the moment that are performed wholly in a physical space.

Each member of the audience, the crew and all the performers use a face mask designed specifically for this performance. Each audience member is provided with their own unused and re-usable face mask in the beginning of the performance. Audience can keep the mask after the performance.

The performance plays for only three audience members at a time. You can experience it both in Finnish and in English.


Artistic director and director of production, sound and light design: Samee Haapa
Game design: Jana Pejoska
Costume design: Kaisa Kemikoski
Set design: Oscar Dempsey
Location manager: Inna Huttunen
Performers: Janna Loukas ja Corinne Mustonen
Graphic designer and photographer: Marko Mäkinen


Regular tickets 25 €
Student, unemployed, performing arts professional 20 €
If you’re entitled to the discount, mark the code ‘lim202021’ when purchasing the ticket from Holvi.


The performance happens in downtown Helsinki and for the most part in an inside space.
The exact location is found in the instructions that come with the ticket.

We’ll add a comprehensive description of safety into this description as soon as possible.

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