Playdate experiments with immersive art and artistic games.

These new bastards of art and pop culture cross-breed f.e. immersive theatre, installations, BDSM and new technologies in order to bring game worlds right under your skin. Playdate is a club and an interdisciplinary playground for the arts which gives you an opportunity to try out raw game, art and theatre concepts still in development. And even though all the concepts are still in process, they’ve all been developed far enough to enable play tests with the audience.

Each time we test one art work or game still in development. The event was organized for the first time in December 2015 in co-operation with Eskus – Performance Center. On the first time the artistic directors and producers in charge of the event were Sami Henrik Haapala and dance artist and producer Kaisa Kukkonen. In addition to them playtests were also led by dancer, choreographer and dj Antti Lahti, game designer and conceptual artist Pekko Koskinen, new media artist Aku Meriläinen, live art maker Julius Elo and a performing arts company Bombina Bombast from Sweden. DJ sets were twiddled by Samba Klaus, A. Lahti and Lemppari.

Playdate returned in a new form on Saturday 29. 9. 2018. This time The Center for Everything tested their already finished concept ‘Sensory Cocktail Bar’ by expanding it to cover the whole evening. In its new form the evening also consists of a discussion about a current issue in immersive, participatory or game art. In 2018 the subject was negotiating consent in participatory and immersive performances. The discussion was facilitated by the artistic director of The Center for Everything Sami Henrik Haapala. 

Next Playdate is on Sat 12. 10. 2019. This time we have a play test from an artistic doctorate by director, live art maker and dj Sami Henrik Haapala and two VR works which are presented with the generous help of Aalto Studios/VR Hub. This time the discussion is about performing in immersive and game performances. The performers from Haapala’s play test Laura Sorvari, Suvi Leppänen and Anna Valpuri will be discussing with Sami Henrik Haapala facilitating the conversation.  

Photographer: Jukka Kiistala.

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